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Arena Wars Reloaded Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The beginning of a map in the editor
A finished map viewed in the editor.
The available training sessions for Domination
The round has started. Time to build your units.
The buggy already has the domination key and makes his move towards Domination Point A.
Blue sends in three tanks to get the key to the Domination Points.
The yellow buggy captured the power-up at the respawn point.
The walker successfully delivered the key.
Four seconds left - not enough time for blue to turn it all around.
The Blue Domination Key carrier got killed. The key stays where it was left.
A walker uses his special ability and flies towards the enemy base.
The game is finished. Time for some statistics.
When you win the training matches, new logos are unlocked.
The red team gathers some buggies.
Blue team's buggy has the flag and turned invisible due to a power-up.
The beserker prepares a lightning storm.
The lightning storm of the Berserker deals severe damage.
The enemy's headquarters
The lobby of the multi-player mode