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A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
There are two difficulty levels.
The introduction sequence
Loading screen
Start of the first mission. Valkyl will assist you.
Access the recycle menu at any time to turn scrap into useful power-ups and items.
You can shoot in any direction, indicated by the large cross-hair on the screen.
You regularly require new attacks and abilities.
In difficult situations you can use the Valkyl cannon.
Stage Complete screen
Blowing up a crawling enemy
Regenerate health here
Using an elevator and enabling a checkpoint
Certain blocks can be destroyed, also often used to find secret areas.
Game Over screen
A platforming section with rolling areas
This boss is a giant worm unharmed by the lava below.
Catching a sneaky opponent in the air
Enemies respawn as soon as you leave a screen.
Building up a combo against this giant boss
Sneaking up an enemy from behind
Showing off my new suit
This is the laser cannon.
The health of bosses is shown near the bottom of the screen
A cut-scene with Dr. Carson
The third weapon you acquire sends out waves.
Charging up an EMP grenade
Charging up a regular grenade
The Valkyl cannon cannot be used all the time.
This boss blocks all my attacks.
The fourth weapon is a photon cannon.
You need to break three barriers to break down here.
Dodging a giant laser beam