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Armadillo Run Credits (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Armadillo Run Credits


ProgrammingPeter Stock
GraphicsPeter Stock, Daniel Jackson
TestingDaniel Jackson, Chris Wiggins, Patrick Olivier, Kevin Rands, Philip Atkin, Paul Burridge, Jim Marriott, Eelke Folmer, Marie-Aude Coutouly, Lloyd Tullues, Paul Kitchin, Collin Lourie, Arron Bailiss, Federico Stein, Corey Struble
'Expressway' font byRay Larabie
Panoramic sky photograph byPhilippe Hurbain

Tools/APIs used

3D graphics APIOpenGL
PNG image librarylibpng
JPEG image libraryIJG JPEG library
Compression libraryzlib
InstallerInno Setup

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