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Advertising Blurbs
    With so many adventure games nowadays relying on hackneyed storylines revolving around mystical lands, strange murders and forgotten times wouldn't it be refreshing to find an adventure that truly broke the mould? You know the type of thing, an adventure where the star is an octogenarian, an adventure where all your worldly possessions were stored inside a brassiere, and an adventure where large white rabbits played hell with your ability to do even the simplest tasks. Hmmm, now that would be something different. Perhaps we all need a touch of Dementia.

    Set against a background of 10 fantastically strange and exotic scenarios Granny (the OAP heroine) has to figure out the logic of the worlds and attempt to get her family back. But there's a catch. Not everything is as it seems. The games puzzles are based on physics and mechanics and each screen and each puzzle has its own illogical logic. If it can be pulled, try pushing. Think that the way out is up? Try going down. The rules are there, but in this DEMENTion they are there to be broken. Ordinary objects can be used in the most unordinary and unconventional ways. Order leads to chaos, light becomes darkness, sense turns to nonsense, credible becomes....well, you get the picture.

    With a fully rendered graphics engine that allows for complete freedom of movement and a unique non-linear gaming environment, Dementia will take you out of your head to a place that really has to be played to be disbelieved.

    • An unforgettable graphic adventure through 10 wacky scenarios.
    • Incredible, fully interactive .flc style graphics that take interactive gaming to new levels.
    • A mad plot based on the logical laws of nature and science.
    • The players, characters, objects and even the screens themselves all take part in the game.
    • Mind-boggling puzzles, riddles, arcade sections and strategic elements make for endless hours of absorbing interactive gameplay.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76388) on Jan 28, 2008.

Back of Box - Windows (Germany):
    Die Oma trägt Waffen und sexy Unterwäsche. Das Dilirium ist bei ihr zum Dauerzustand geworden. Sie redet mit Kloschüsseln, Würsten und toten Fliegen - und tritt nach allem was sich bewegt. Sie hat's total mit Kochbüchern. Und beim Wort Kaninchen rastet sie total aus. Sie war noch nie mormal, aber jetzt spinnt sie völlig.

    Großmutter, warum bist Du so seltsam?

    Granny hat Schreckliches erlebt: Ihre Familie wurde in den Weltraum gesogen. Und schlimmer noch: Man hat ihr Kochbuch gestohlen. Nach einem Schleudergang in der Waschmaschine macht sich Granny in outer space auf die Jagd ...

    "Granny" ist das abgefahrendste Spiel, seit es Adventure gibt!
    • 5 unglaubliche Planeten und 12 sehr seltsame Welten warten auf die rachsüchtige Granny.
    • Es ist unlogisch, verrückt, chaotisch und tückisch. Realism is boring...
    • Mit vollständig vorberechneter 3D-Grafik. Verblüffende, faszinierende Comic-Welten.
    • Was hat es mit dem Krötentoaster auf sich?
    • Und wird Mad Rabbit die Möhrensuppe von Granny überleben?!
    • Komplett deutsche Version, mit umfangreicher Sprachausgabe.
    Geeignet ab 6 Jahren

    Contributed by Jeanne (76388) on Apr 30, 2007.

Back of Box - Windows (US):


    This is NOT your typical adventure.

    Sure, Armed and Delirious has five CDs filled with spectacular graphics, clever puzzles, and amazing animations. But this game also contains wacked-out weirdness, illogical logic, and odd antics that have been shown to cause states of extreme amusement and hilarity in lab rats and sausage dogs.

    So go ahead - Join Granny on an inner-space voyage to 14 highly unusual worlds. Visit an alien shopping mall, climb inside a microwave, outsmart the fiendish Mad Rabbit, help Napoleon write a symphony with cannons, and be back in time for dinner. But don't blame us if you burst out laughing so hard you squirt soda out your nose.
    You have been warned.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76388) on Apr 30, 2007.