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Armed & Delirious Credits

37 people


Creation And DesignBenny Davidovich
Lead ProgrammerGareth Lewin
System ProgrammersArik Siegel, Amit Zohar, Roi Ginat
ProgrammersMark Kaplan, Gil Spectorman, Yaniv Maoz, Tamir Weisss, Adi Gaash, Amit Golan, Nir Michael
Lead 3D Graphic ArtistEyal Katz, Idit Sharon
Lead 3D Graphic ArtistsShahar Inbar, Oz Adi, Gregory Belenry, Yuval Hazan, Claude Vuille, Dafna Pick
Assistant ArtistsOsnat Davidi, Yaniv Gorelly, Igor
Original MusicAviv Kordich
Sound EffectsAviv Kordich
Sound Effects EditorAsaf Lidor
Sound Mix EditorYanir Tevel
Documentation and AssistanceHarriet Rubin
Telstar ProducerGary Bracey
Telstar QAPhil Rodkoff, Ian Gray, Danial Belcher, Alexis Holmes
Executive ProducerTamir Segal
Makh-Shevet ProducersArik Siegal, Lior Koskas
QA ManagerLior Koskas
Lead TesterEyal Kaduri

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