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Written by  :  Zaeryn (6)
Written on  :  Jun 20, 2020
Rating  :  2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars
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Its puzzles are equally nonsensical as its world designs

The Good

The many surreal worlds, sub-worlds and characters in this game are its defining feature for sure. The art style really helps; Everything is pre-rendered 3D, but while the backgrounds and items are rendered with relative realism, the characters are all cartoony, made of simple shapes. The game is fully-voiced and the performances, while not great, are also cartoony and add to the weird feel.

The music is nice, too; lots of standard keyboard stuff which is decent, but its highlights are whenever vocals come out, like in the sung gibberish of "Mumble Blues" or "Vocalese Blues". There's some unique and technical guitar playing too.

The Bad

The game isn't all that big, but it spans across 5 CDs. So if you want to wander around and figure out things for yourself, be prepared to swap discs a lot.

To make matters worse, the puzzles are so nonsensical that you pretty much require a walkthrough. Sometimes, they require pixel-hunting, are time-based, want you to drag an object instead of just click it, or even to click the same thing multiple times. The design is so bad that the game's own lead tester wrote one and stuck it on the official CD.

The Bottom Line

This was an ambitious, unique point & click adventure game. But thanks to its obscure difficulty, I'd recommend watching a playthrough of it instead of actually playing it.