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Armor Command Credits (Windows)

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Armor Command Credits

Ronin Entertainment

Designer, Project LeaderEdward Kilham
Art DirectionHarrison Fong
ProducerKalani Streicher
Lead ProgrammerEdward Kilham
3D Engine ProgrammerJuan Carlos ArĂ©valo Baeza
Network/Special Effects ProgrammerJuan Castillo
Export Tools ProgrammerJohn Scofield
Additional ProgrammersWilliam Feng Chen, Robert Wagoner
Conceptual Art DeignHarrison Fong, Kevin Anderson, Jason Zarubin
Cutscene Artists/AnimatorsTroy Dunniway, Jason Zarubin, Douglas Lee, Chris Rock
In‑Game ModelsKevin Anderson, Jason Zarubin, Joel Emslie, Chris Rock
Background/LandscapeJoel Emslie, Will Elder-Groebe, Fred Aquino
Interface ArtDouglas Lee, Jason Zarubin, Kevin Anderson
Mission BuildersMartin Gebhardt, John Mundy, Marshall Spruill, James Teal, Samuel Bass
Additonal Support & ThanksDana Malivert, Heldi Kilham, Ralf Dietrich
Music byHoly Cow Music
Sound‑effects byDavid Freiberg
Recorded atFree Mountain Studios
Sound and music drivers are property ofHeadspace Inc.

Ripcord Games

ProducerNathan Wright
MarketingShelley Kent, Sangita Verma
ManualRichard Verdoni, Curtis Clarkson
Ripcord Support & ThanksLou Viveros, John Peterson, Brad Brown, Grant Collier, Barbara Loo, Mark Shander, Eric Johnsen, Chris Hudak, Nimbus Design, 330 Studios, Linda Stackpoole, Timothy Moore, Mac Senour, Donna Brodman, Kelle Martin, Susan Winslow, Joe Mama Adams, Brian Winslow, Tom Manning, James Abney, Jesse Abney, Belvia Sharp, Nikki Montgomery, John Pemberton, Andy Kieran, Dan Wasson, Jeff Juco, Chris Bennett, Chris Lamb, Nathan Cummins, Fred Dieckmann, Bret Jones, Derick Pennington, Coreen Jones, Joshua Jones

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Credits for this game were contributed by WildKard (13000)