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Armored Fist 2 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Mission info screen - you don't have much control in the setup of each mission in terms of waypoints or arming
Your bases are always near the thick of the action so there's little time wasted travelling
Lots of friendly units will provide support from A-10s to Apache helocopters to artillery
Viewing the A-10 from the nightvision mode
Pinned down by fired
Attempting to shoot down the SU-25 with my coax...
"Gunner.: target, T-80, 11o'clock!"
The T-80 that almost gunned down the M3 APCs is now toast
Babysitting this U.N. peacekeeping convoy
A line of M1A2's...don't mess with the best.
Viewing the platoon from the driver's hatch.
Search and destroy...the best part of driving the M1A2
Looks like they abandoned the based before we got there.
This poor HIND is gonna get grounded by my last STAFF round
Title screen
The available campaigns
The missions now have a video intro
The loading screen is quite cool
This will be the default camera setting for gameplay
Taking a look from the gunner position