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Armored Fist 3 Credits (Windows)

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Armored Fist 3 Credits


Tools ProgrammingMark Maestas, Scott Ray
Voxel Space and Imaging EngineKyle Freeman
Novaworld and Voice-Over-Net ProgrammingJohn Bojorquez, Robert Mobbs
Additional Novaworld ProgrammingIsaac Foraker
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
ProducerDavid Seeholzer
Associate ProducerNigel Mills
Technical ManagementJohn Butrovich
Programmed ByKent Simon
Menu ProgrammingLoQuan Seh, Vu Truong
Additional ProgrammingRandy Casey, Mark J. Davis, David King, Jim Ratcliff
ArtTroy Adam, John Brophy, Brent Houston, Jason Monroe, Rod Parong, Chris Tamburrino, Jon Tando, Jason Tull, Tyrone Woodland
Art DirectorKeith Rust
Art LeadJax Carroll
Additional ArtTimothy Higgins, Craig Marschke, Keith Rust
Logo AnimationsDean Fowler
Tank PhotographyDavid Bohrer
Mission Design ManagerAlicia Taylor
Mission Design LeadJerome K. Jones
Mission DesignJason Bender, Willis Emery, David Merrick, Christopher A. Stockman
Mission BriefingsLukas Mandrake
Audio DirectorTom Hays
Sound EffectsRichard Adrian, Greg deBeer, Tom Hays, Phillip A. Kovats, Eric Kuehnl
MusicRichard Adrian, Greg deBeer, Tom Hays, Phillip A. Kovats, Eric Kuehnl
Additional Dialog EditingGreg Freeman, Jeff Palmer
Additional MusicRik W. Schaffer
VoicesJohn C. Boone II, Willis Emery, Oscar L. Galvan, Andy Inkogle, Paul Inkogle, Jerome K. Jones, Keith D. Lochner, Daniel Poole, Kent Simon, Jaimie Tardiff, Paul Wade, James Wood
Video Editing ProducerCaroline Thomas
Video Editing Assoc. ProducerDawn Tomanek
Video EditingTravis Miller, Anthony Wilderman
Manual Written byKevin R. O'Hara
Packaging Layout and DesignDeanna Dolph, Ulises Gerardo
Motion Capture Provided byhOuse of mOves Los Angeles CA
Responsible for Motion CapturingTom Tolles
Exec. in Charge of Motion CaptureJarrod Phillips
Chief Technology Officer, Motion CaptureTaylor Wilson
Technical Director, Motion CaptureBrett Gassaway
Production Manager, Motion CaptureChristopher Bellaci
Line Producer, Motion CaptureLine Spencer
Motion Capture DirectorJames Scanlon
Motion Capture ArtistDavid Ahdoot (Dario)
Motion Capture TechniciansDaven Coburn, Johnny Ravena
Motion Capture ActorMarcus Young
Motion Capture Stunt CoordinatorVincent Mazzela
Motion Capture Storyboard ArtistChauncy Pierce
Quality Assurance ManagerJeff Moore
QA CoordinatorJeremiah Maza
Quality AssuranceJames Altenburg, Ron Amaral, Brian Bekian, Daniel Constant, Christopher Hansen, Michael Harling, Jeremy Rosenthal, Matthew Young
Computer MaintenanceGlenn Kronick
Special ThanksDan Bennet, Wes Eckhart, Les Fullen, Patrick Hewitt, Jeff Iddins (Major), Jeff Jones, James Lamorticelli, Jacqueline E. Lay, Jillian Leonard, Lee Milligan, Dorothy Peters, Marlyn Pierce, David Pollack, Steve Sandwisch, Irving A. Simon, Robert Springer (Lt. General - USAF-ret), Tara Stivers, David Taylor, Rozita Tolouey, Keri Uejo, Paul Wade, Paul Walkden, Trent Witte (Sgt. USMC), Karly Young, Camp Pendleton US Marine Corps Base, Camp Carson US Army Base, The U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps Public Affairs Office - Los Angeles California, Marine Corps personnel at Camp Pendleton - CA
We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation ofThe Department of Defense, The Department of the Army and specifically Office of the Chief of Public Affairs - Los Angeles Branch Advertising and Public Affairs Directorate, U.S. Army Recruiting Command - Fort Knox -Kentucky.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Robert Mobbs (20), Troy Adam (38), Wizo (29563) and formercontrib (159325)