Art Attack: My Stuff Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Here's Neil Buchanan showing the cereals that have the promotional Cds
Neil Buchanan again showing the promotional titles
Only 'My Stuff' is loaded. If the other modules had been installed then starting one game would give access to all the content
Before the game starts there's a list of tools & materials
The log on screen is where the player creates their avatar. Colours are changed by selecting an area on the body and then clicking on one of the splodges in the background
The default 'fun' main menu. Any item with a label displays a text box as the cursor moves over it. When clicked the avatar walks to the item before it opens
The text menu. All the items from the My Stuff' section are shown together with samples from the other three titles. There are occasional problems displaying some of the titles
The Building Stuff puppet selection
My Stuff: Diary Pages. The only activity with a single option in this title
My Stuff: Calendars
Out of date now
My Stuff: Calendars. This is the 2008 calendar cube. The Other Info tab is available with every activity, it gives a suggestion on how to personalise an object
My Stuff: Calendars. The eye symbol in the lower right triggers an animated 'Show Me' help function, a printable text version is also available
My Stuff: Door signs
The player can colour this in on-screen and then print it or they can print it and colour the old fashioned way. On the left is the palette of available colours
Party Stuff: Crackers
This activity contains the jokes to go inside the crackers
As the game exits there's a reference to the competition