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Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of Merlin Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Up to 5 games can be played at the same time. Great if you want to play one of each type or for family & friends
Options Menu has been enhanced since the first game
Choose the white book for the Christian (Paladin) game, or the red one for the Celtic version
Loading a saved game
The chapters of your game are now titled instead of numbered. The titles are different between games.
Your story fills in as the game progresses
Information in the Historical Database seems fairly accurate.
The Celtic Bradwen still wears his plaid pants and has the painted face like in Arthur's Knights 1
The Paladin/Christian Bradwen looks more, er, adult than the Celtic man. The menus during that game have a different, lighter background too.
Paladin Bradwen married Lady Lutisse, who was not mentioned in the first game.
If you played Arthur1, you might have guessed that the Celt Bradwen married a fairy, Fydia. Notice the difference in the icon border.
Maps are used to get your bearings rather than for navigation, and can be used while on horseback only. Click on the large location icon to access the current map. This one is of Uffington.
In the Celtic game, Bradwen fights a Giant at Black Rock.
Access the bottom menu with a right mouse click. While on horseback, the only thing Bradwen can do is ride or choose a new destination.
This sexy lady is Morgan, "Mother of all things"
Bradwen must face an invincible Black Knight.
Graphics in the Shadow World remind me of an Ultima