Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

During the Intro, you get a glimpse of the fantasy that awaits
Learning about Bradwen's 2 stories
Beginning Menu
When beginning a new game, choose which spot to save it in
Save Menu
Saving a game
Topics in the Historical Database
One of the many articles in the database
Click on the quest you are working on
Read the story to keep up with your progress in each quest
Bradwen and his trusty steed. Use the keyboard arrow keys to control movement.
A fallen enemy. To search him, stand directly in front of him and as close as possible.
Meeting your father, the King.
The mouse is used to access menus for topics, inventory and different destinations.
Fumes rising up from the depths of hell!
In the Celt game, you briefly play Bradwen's Squire. (Are the naked statues one reason for the "Teen" rating?)
Your Squire talks to a winged fairy.
You shouldn't kill this Giant. There are other ways to defeat him.
Do you think these plaid pants make me look fat, Mr. Ogre?
Brad's squire is with him all the time - but you can't see him except when remounting your horse.
The chamber of the Knights of the Round Table
At last you meet King Arthur!
Bradwen the Christian looks more like a soldier than his Celtic counterpart.
The Christian horse looks different too.
Top icons appear when a new destination, item or topic becomes available.
Exploring the ampitheater in the ruined city of Magovenium
The Christian knight can get inside the monestary, while the Celtic knight has no need to. While examining each alcove there, the words are spoken in Latin but displayed in English.