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Assassin's Creed II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The loading screen is once again interactive
If Desmond has learned anything from the first game, then that he can throw a punch too
Animus 2.0 ready for Desmond to dive into the past
Florence in 1476 - your home for the next few hours
Eagle visions makes it easy to know enemies and friends
Finally back into full assassin's gear!..
I guess that hurt...
Climbing up a tower - that's what Ezio does
100 feathers are waiting to be found in the city - if you've the patience to look
You can hire guys, girls, monks and such to follow you around, providing a group you can hide in anytime. Luckily, they can also climb onto buildings
One of the "eavesdropping" missions. Don't get too close, don't stay too far, you know what I'm saying?
Ahhh, that's what I call nice weather... just a regular day in Venice, swimming at the port, enjoying life... with a wet head...
...or paddling through Venice on that nice little boat... life is good!
Ahhhh, how beautiful... view of Venice
Ezio's inventory. This scimitar looks impressive, right?
All those bad guys... too many bad guys... and you'll have to kill 'em all, so it seems
Spotting all those weird glyphs, you can unlock pieces of a video that apparently tells you the truth about the world. Well... thanks, but I'll use that old Hebrew book for that purpose
The game has plenty of information about everything.. people, historical landmarks...
...and... err... occupations. Professions. Yeah. That kind of thing
Fast-travel station. Go wherever you want, for a small price
I'm outside of Forli. A quiet place. Just playing with the horse...
I have only one thing to say here: YOU SPOONY BARD!!
You can even hire a painter! Not much use, but still... nice
Market. People talk to each other all the time. And I'm looking at this tasty hanging meat...
Ezio is posing for the camera outside of the doge's palace. Tough guy, eh?..
Ezio and Rosa... just comrades, or more than that?
Yo, Tony, I know we got dat mission an' all... but look at those prrrretty ladies 'ere... whaddasay we... ya know... HIRE them? Ya know what I mean, eh, Tony?
The game has a lot of such beautiful buildings. It's a pleasure to just walk around this world
I was climbing on that tower, and suddenly saw such a face...
Lots, lots of detail. Take a look at those guys. One is cleaning the street, another one is stretching; in a moment he will proceed to work on that building
This is Leonardo da Vinci. Really. Nice house design. And he uses swear words. If I only knew when I was looking at his "Madonna with the Baby"...
Oh wow! Leonardo's flying machine really flies! AWESOME!..
Each major assassination ends with such a "private" scene. Last words, that kind of thing
Fireworks are exploding in the sky, and Ezio is training his pistol-shooting skill on dummies
Tuscana Fields... Beautiful view
Venice at night... Romantic atmosphere
Traveling is never safe in the Renaissance Italy