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Assault Android Cactus Credits

Core Team

ConceptTim Dawson
CodingTim Dawson
ArtTim Dawson
DesignSanatana Mishra
ProductionSanatana Mishra
ComposerJeff van Dyck
Sound DesignJeff van Dyck

Additional Roles

Additional ArtRyan Bargiel
Additional CodingCain Martin
Additional MarketingSyama Mishra, Mary Kish


CactusLouisa Mackintosh
HollyTanya Powell
LemonMelissa Hutchison
CoralChristie James
StarchKatie Rose Krueger
AubergineCissy Jones
ShiitakeMelissa Hutchison
PeanutCara Ellison
EmbryoDan Lehtonen
VespulaAngela van Dyck
JusticeTim Dawson
VenomSanatana Mishra
LiquoriceCissy Jones
MedullaElla van Dyck
ControlJeff van Dyck
Witch BeamElla van Dyck

Voice Production: Bay Area Sound, Inc.

Voice DirectionJulian Kwasneski
Voice RecordingStudio Jory, Tim Galida
Voice EditingConnor Stock


Financed with the assistance ofScreen Australia
Special ThanksRaamon Vacarro, Lachlan Bland, Roula Bland, Manu Evans, Shaun Trainer, Leah Purcell, Brett Torenvlied-Whiting, Andrew Pender (mOOnGLaDe)
In Memory ofFrances Wilson, Ralph Dyck

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (568535)