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Assault Android Cactus Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Approaching the Genki Star in the introduction.
A giant robot threatens some androids.
Help screens appear during the interactive tutorial.
Android selection screen
Level progress for the first zone
The secondary weapon of Cactus
Level complete
In this level many parts are shrouded in darkness.
Lemon's weapon has excellent spread.
The introduction of Embryo, the first Section Lord
Boss battle against Embryo
Starch, a new android, has been unlocked.
Starch has a powerful laser rifle.
Boss fight against the second Section Lord: Vespula
Aubergine's large spinning disc that can be freely moved around the screen in the best weapon for some dense and tight levels.
No more battery left and the game is over, here during a fight against the third Section Lord: Justice.
New game elements have been unlocked.
Lemon's character bio in the codex
Spend credits to unlock EX options, game modifiers.
Too many hits: hit the fire button or key to revive, but with all primary weapon power lost.
Playing a game with the EX options for an AI partner and psychedelic visuals.
Cactus has picked up a weapon power-up for additional firepower.
Shiitake fights with a rail gun. These enemies have dropped a battery charge.
A big fight against the fourth Section Lord: Venom
The battery takes some time to charge.
The amount of enemies can be overwhelming.
Playing the game from the first-person perspective, with an EX option.