Asterix at the Olympic Games Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Asterix on the long jump game in Olympic mode
Not bad at all!
Main menu
Chapter selection
Frog-ball Match, now you need to kick as many frogs as possible to put them on the other side of the net
Starting the game at the doors of the Olympic Village
Duel - selecting characters
Bouncing giant basketballs on the top of the hill
Challenges menu
"The 3 red Cypress Trees" chapter
Control hints
Fighting Romans
Introduction sequence
Trial result
When you kill certain numbers of Romans you get the extra bonus
You need to cross between the bounces of the basketballs
Highscore table
Lost of hits
You need to rescue 30 pigeons
"The Lair of Doctormabus" Chapter
A moment during the fight
Roman soldiers trying to get you
"Boar collecting" Chapter
Transformation after drink a magic bottle
Reaching the village
Entering the Olympic Village
"The next morning" Chapter
Sea view from the top of the hill
"Desperately seeking Brutus" Chapter
Crossing the village
"Lost in the Underground" Chapter
Be care where you put your feet, or you can fall down and die
"Facing Brutus" Chapter
Over the bridge, just a moment to admire the nice city
Obelix starting the javelin games in Olympic mode
Once the javelin is in the air you need to cross as many clouds as possible
Good mark !
"The hunt for Doctormabus" Chapter
Loading screen