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Astrobatics Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (demo version)
Main menu (demo version)
Chapter selection
Start of level one. The demo version has a time limit of one hour.
Expanding our arsenal with bonus items.
The laser beam attack, available once we get our gun charged.
Things explode noisily in space, right?
Boss battle
Spectacular battle with two bosses at once
Game over screen
Mission accomplished! Time to resupply our ship for the next one.
Second mission adds barriers that are invulnerable and of which will hurt on contact. Most of the space stations will have turrets attached on them.
Warning! Asteroids ahead! Evasive maneuvers!
Some asteroids have enemy turrets on them which can only be destroyed by laser (as both, primary and secondary one).
Danger! Minefield ahead!
We're surrounded! Fortunately laser will clear us a path.
Support Airstrike will allow you to call wingmen that will give your enemies a raining hell for a short time.
Asteroid factory ships detected! Shields on!
Blast! Another minefield ahead
9th boss means business!
Fighting the "Dragon" in Dragon's Lair