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ATCsimulator Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Starting screen
Adding a new controller, Mr. Moby Gamer.
Starting up, the screen is powered off, and dark. The first diffculty is finding the 'ON' button. Black text on a dark brown background...
The power-on switch was on the left, directly under the (now) green LED. Not blindingly lit as yet, but there are more buttons.
Ok, now all the lights are can increase the brightness a bit, but this screen seems to work best at night.
These are the arrival strips, they can be printed out and stacked up on the desk if one wants to.
Ending a session gives you an optional performance evaluation.
Ok, nobody crashed; then again, nobody got to land, so it's a moot point. If I can find a manual, I'll try again. (I tried talking to the airplanes who were circling, but it didn't work)