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CNET (Mar 07, 2012)
Overall, we think that Atlantis Quest is a fun challenge for any puzzle lover, and we recommend it.
GameZone (Aug 21, 2006)
It is not a stretch to say this is one of my favorite all-time games. Even a few years ago when I played it, I got hooked. Now, it has been altered enough to keep the replay factor without making it something it is not. They don’t take the shortcut and make it a gimmick game or something that makes you cringe. It is like experiencing the rare occurrence of seeing a movie sequel that is as good, or better, than the original. The look and feel is comfortably familiar, yet fresh and addictively fun. Once you learn how to better play the board and not try to finish it too quickly, it makes you enjoy it even more.
Game Over Online (Nov 13, 2006)
My guess is, if you've played one matching game then you've played them all. The strategies can't be all that different. What's nice about Atlantis Quest is that you're not just matching symbols to gain points; you're also trying to acquire tools, put together artifacts, and move on to Atlantis. I'm a goal-oriented person, and so it was nice to be given a reason to do all of the matching. If I had been given a game with random grids and an objective to score points just to score points, then I probably would have gotten bored pretty quickly. But I played Atlantis Quest for about 10 hours, and I enjoyed it well enough. The game won't wow you in any way, but if you're looking for a solid way to kill some time, then Atlantis Quest is more than capable.
Atlantis Quest is a puzzle game geared to the casual gamer or those with only a few minutes to spare between the important things in life ... like paying your bills. It does its job well ... possibly too well. What starts out as a 20-minute time-waster can easily escalate into a lost two hours as the game wraps its addictive fingers around your soul. While I really like this sort of game, I do not like the fact that the game's difficulty is so unbalanced as to make playing the latter stages a study in frustration. If I want aggravation, I can attempt to cancel an online service.
Game Chronicles (Sep 10, 2006)
While Atlantis Quest is not the most innovative or fun puzzle game out there, it does a decent job as a game designed to pass the time and keep you occupied for a little while. I could see myself playing it on a rainy day, or when I'm staying home sick. I could also see someone who is not much of a gamer enjoying Atlantis Quest, or perhaps it serving as a stepping stone for people who are just now getting into puzzle games. All in all Atlantis Quest is nothing special, but it's not bad either.
Worth Playing (Sep 04, 2006)
To be blunt, Atlantis Quest is just too hard, and after a few levels, the entertainment gives way to frustration. Now you might think that a game with absolutely no original concepts at all would be at least easy enough to polish into a well-balanced experience (from a developer's perspective). Sadly, this isn't the case. In my opinion, if you're in the mood for an item-matching puzzle game, you're better off sticking with Bejeweled.