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Atlantis Underwater Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The underwater world is yours to take
The credits all fit on one page
When starting a new game, choose your character and your game-type. Note that if you play the story mode, you need to play through all the way with the same character
The sea floor sparkles from the reflections of light on the surface as you choose where to build
There are many things to build and most have positive and negative effects on various things like sea life and tourism
Besides building things, you can terraform the ocean floor, dig for treasure, or create disasters
Here are the disasters you can create (or wait for them to happen on their own)
As you build onto your city, you will need to make sure to have enough power, air, and people to keep everything running
The status screen will let you easily see what is happening and also tell you any goals you might need to accomplish
Here, you can see the kinds of people who inhabit your underwater paradise
Various buildings allow you to create sea life for your visitors to admire. This screen shows what has been created by you
In tycoon games, it is always a good idea to know what your visitors are thinking... here is what they are saying
Information about each building can easily be viewed so you know what to build
Each building has a comment in the building's information box... some are rather humorous
If you want to see your visitors close-up, just zoom in and see what they are doing
Digging for treasure can result in fiding various things which can then be sold
After you find treasure, you can sell it at the market. Some things are worth a lot; some are not
If you are running out of money, try reducing your expenses
As a last resort, you can always take out a loan
There are various special discoveries you can purchase in the game
Here is a close-up of a whale in an icy landscape
That scuba diver was not very lucky in this volcanic landscape
Same game, different name