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Atma Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The first splash screen
The second splash screen
The game was designed for a controller but can be player with a mouse/keyboard combination. In the lower right it's advising which mouse button to use
The main menu
In-game configuration options. The player can swap between windowed mode and full screen, change controllers and resolution
The game starts with half a dozen or so storyboards like this, they explain the background to the game
The final storyboard - after this the game begins
Shaya is a small kneeling figure just below the centre of the screen. The shiny one is Atma making his apologies.
So off goes Shaya on her quest. This is as big as she gets.
When not in gamepad mode pressing the ALT key shows the current objective
The first obstacle and the game gives advice. Shaya must cross the river so she has to enter spell/mantra mode
To cross this river Shaya must draw a nine to connect the four squares, this will cause the four stone pillars to move together and make a path
There are combat sequences and Shaya is not guaranteed a win. The game automatically restarts from an automatic save point which could be some way back
The world is not in balance, here spirits have left their shrine, one of Shaya's routine tasks is to put them back. Here advice is given because this is the game's first example
A task has been completed and one Atma's memory fragments has been retrieved
The player knows when conversation with another character is possible because, in non controller mode, an 'E' appears above their head
In this scene Shaya has entered the soul of a friend who has given her a new spell, the wind mantra. After a bit of block moving she meets up with him to receive another memory
The wind mantra in use. here it's being used to blow a propeller which in turn extends the bridge
A new twist on an old adventure game feature. Shaya uses mantras to clear the barriers before stepping onto the pressure switch to open a door or something elsewhere

Official Screenshots

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