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Atomic Bomberman Credits

72 people (66 developers, 6 thanks)


Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerJeremy Airey
Line ProducerBrian McInerny
ProgrammerKurt W. Dekker
AnimationsMichael McCarthy, Jason Zirpolo
Artwork / IntroCarson Davidson, Billy Eggington, Paul Grimshaw, Howard Lyon, D. Gard Millward, Don Seegmiller, Alan Tew, Mike Tidwell, Ryan Wood
DesignJeremy Airey, Kurt W. Dekker
Additional DesignAlan Barasch, Brian McInerny
Network ProgrammingDarren L. Monahan
Director of QAChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
QA TechsBill Delk, Aaron Meyers
Lead TesterRene Hakiki
TestersBill Field, Douglas Finch, Savina Greene, James Harrison, Christian D. Peak, Jeremy Ray, Eduardo Robles, Anthony Taylor, Kaycee Vardeman, Joshua Walters
Marketing ManagerStacy Bremmer
Public Relations ManagerJulia Roether
Traffic ManagerThom Dohner
Manual Written byJeremy Airey
Manual Design & LayoutCraig Owens
Game Sound EffectsLarry Peacock, Caron Weidner
Cinematic Sound EffectsCharles Deenen, Caron Weidner
VO Supervisor / DirectorChris Borders
VO TalentCharles Adler, Billy West
VO EditingDouglas Rappaport, Ronald Valdez
Audio MasteringCraig Duman
MusicJohann Langlie
Music SupervisionBrian Luzietti
Re-Recording MixerCharles Deenen
Technical SupportHilleri Abel, Matthew Byrne, Gunnar Christensen, Paul Dew, Brennan Easlick, Tom Gardner, Mark Linn, Rafael López, Jennifer Purcaro, Brian Quilter, Rick Sanford, Rusty Treadway, Alton Tuttle
Customer ServiceBecky Bryan, Kori Rosencranz, Erin Smith, Yasmin Vazquez
Special ThanksTimothy Cain, John Greiner, Sean Johnson, Michael Quarles
Dedicated ToRayna Marie Airey, Sharon Renee Airey
UK ProducerSarah Thompson
UK Lead TestBen Pettifer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Darren Monahan (28) and Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe (1686)

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