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Windows version

Title screen
The main menu
The human race
The protoss ripoff - they are called Intelliom here
And the copied Zerg - here they are the Kreators :)
This mission starts with some troops, but no buildings at all
Yes, there is violence involved...
You gather ... WHAT? QUARK????
Look at these units and buildings... do we see the Protoss shine through?
Well, and these ugly thingies here are Zerg buildings/units - oh no, sorry, KREATORS *LOL*
The intro cinematic is heavily inspired by the movie Aliens.
Intro cinematic: Troops are about to enter a colony building.
Intro cinematic: A close-up on a female marine. Note the South Korea flag on her armour.
Intro cinematic: A flashback shows the colonists attacked. Note the blurry camera style similar to the StarCraft: Brood War intro cinematic.
Intro cinematic: The dropship is surrounded by Intellion forces.
Hominian forces engage a large group of Createse.
Mission stats screen.
Mission briefing. No talking heads here. There's a lot of vague exposition though.
You can drop to the 640x480 resolution at any time during the game for maximum similarity to everyone's favourite RTS.
This is your obligatory "defend the base for X minutes" scenario.

Official Screenshots

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    Official UK website, 2002