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Attack of the 50ft Robot! Credits

20 people (12 developers, 8 thanks)


Engine ArchitectCorey Abel
Gameplay ProgrammerCorey Abel
Graphics LeadEric Azevedo
Physics ProgrammerEric Azevedo
Tools LeadEric Azevedo
ProducerDan Weiss
Particle Artist & ScripterDan Weiss
Environment ArtistDan Weiss
Game DesignerMike Zitkevitz
AI ProgrammerMike Zitkevitz
Feature Film MusicTravis Abel
Additional Dev WorkAlex Miller
Additional Art WorkJeff Barros, Bryant Bartlett, Charlie Van Liew
InstructorsBenjamin Ellinger, Chris Peters, Rachel Rutherford
Special ThanksJesse Dunne, Chris Howard, Jared Marsau, Tim Olson, Allyson Schneider, Matthew Sorenson, Ageia / NVIDIA, well as everybody else who has given us advice along the way

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Credits for this game were contributed by Klaster_1 (57740)