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The Temple is the hub from which you will access the six worlds.
The traditional "save game" is eschewed for a "lose ALL progress if you quit" system. Get ready for a lot of load screens.
This teleporter leads to an "in game" world which magically defies all my screenshot utilities.
Mountain of Destiny is the first level. A wizard will ask you to find his brothers before opening the portal to the next level.
These stairs seem to lead nowhere.
A cavern with its own raincloud.
Shifting platforms. The first of many frustrations to come.
The portal opens. A save checkpoint glow is near the center while a teleport portal is off to the left.
The portal leads to level two; Gaya's Lava Dungeon.
Gaya's hanging out under the brew you landed in and ruined.
The gremlin looking Gaya needs you to fix his brew.
There's actually some really neat platforms in this level.
Moving across thin beams atop a lava stream.
This cavern is filled with sharp pointy bits.
Beware the giant blade that will clip you at the knees in this section.
All the gears are spinning. The best way down there and back may be the burn off scaffolding to the left.
Activated levers will lower new platforms from which you can access new areas.
Making leaps of faith,
An eerie mist fills the cavern floor.
A cavern submerged. Remember that you can't swim.
The portal to the next level is open. What a beautiful scene.
Inside the submerged cavern of level three, The Singing Trees Country.
A lever is missing. Guess what you should do.
Activated musical columns.
Is this a singing tree? No it's just a Bark Troll.
Looking down the ice shaft. Spikes at the end? Nice touch.
These guys need to be fed before they'll help you out.
The carved corridor leading to level four.
The witch at the Wandering Mountain claims to know where an Auryn can be found.
Inside the witch's hut. What that in the cage? And is that a sandwich on the table?
Yes you do need to get up on top of those platforms floating about.
Halfway up the platforms. A good frame-rate is a must!
Falling in the witch's brew leads you to The Urwerk. A quasi-level that looks like a Fritz Lang movie.
Things are eerie in here.
Spinning shafts, moving hammers, smashing platforms. Dangers abound!
A view of the final room of the urwerk. It's really tough to traverse those bell-like platforms on the left as they close on you.
The final level is The Labyrinth of Time. You've gotta collect all fifty Auryn's here.
Swinging blades again!
Those curved rib like things are spinning around. Looks a little tougher now doesn't it?
The final portal... if you've got all the Auryn's.

Official Screenshots

  • Auryn Quest Screenshot
    Official Web Site of Akella (Russian) - 17 Feb 2005
  • Auryn Quest Screenshot
    Official Web Site of Akella (Russian) - 17 Feb 2005
  • Auryn Quest Screenshot
    Official Web Site of Akella (Russian) - 17 Feb 2005
  • Auryn Quest Screenshot
    Official Web Site of Akella (Russian) - 17 Feb 2005