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Auryn Quest is the sad result of another German new economy company crash-landing. The development of a game called The Real Neverending Story started in 1998 with much pomp and huge financial investment, but developer Discreet Monsters managed to spent three years with technological experiments and mismanagement. At the company’s bankruptcy in May 2001, the game was still half-finished. Subsequently, Attaction bought the carcass and disfigured it into the jump-and-run game Auryn Quest. See Discreet Monster’s company overview for a full account.


In the Temple of a Thousand Doors, there is a pathway lined with trapezoidal pillars. It is possible, if you time your jump correctly, to jump on top of any of them. The second from the last on the left-hand side (if you're facing away from the center of the temple) has "zlep was here" written on the top. The credits list zlep as one of the programmers, and give him/her sole credit for scripting.

Information also contributed by Itay Shahar

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