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Avadon 2: The Corruption Credits


DesignJeff Vogel
ProgrammingJeff Vogel
Character ArtLinda Strout
Design AssistantLinda Strout
Business ManagerMariann Krizsan
Additional DialogueMariann Krizsan
ColorBen Resnick
PortraitBen Resnick
Terrain ArtBen Resnick
PC Portraits/Paper DollsJason Walton
Wall IconsRaymond Arnold (and Oray Studios)
Avadon 2 LogoJames Roeder, Atomic Collosus, LLC
Opening MusicPierre Gerwig Langer
Death Imagegraffizone
Ogre Achievement IllustrationJoe Calkins (Joe C. Calkins)
Hammer Soundcmusounddesign
Beta Testing, MacintoshDavid Abromson, Michael Anderson ('txa1265'), Eleanor Chan, Stephane Drapeau, Kristen Gaydos, Kathy Gursky, Andrew R. Hartung (Andrew Hartung), Trish Hausmann, David Higgins, Andrew Hoos, istara, Jon Jenkins, Ben Kimmett, Scott Kosman, Jeffrey Lees, Matthew Leva, Maria Aleida Leza (Maria A. Leza), Nancy Malecha, Richard Moriarty, Danielle Rapoport, Darin Takemoto, Evan Williams
Beta Testing, WindowsIan Churchill ('Doomspoon'), Tyler Coles, Chris Conway, Andrew Cox, Tim Disen, Meredith Dixon, Paul Ellsworth, Lynnea Glasser, Jenny Sue Hane, David A. Hurst, John Long, Jesper Lundkvist, Seth Moore, Kingsley Muir ('Master Shaper'), Dan Nicholson, Jennifer Ponce, √Čric Poulin ('Jubeii'), David Quinn, Marge Rhode, Heidi Schaub, Tobias Scheuer ('tobing'), David Setchell, Lori Tagawa, WJBMLBTMBJPB
Thanks toSharon Vogel (for always knowing what I needed. Thanks, mom.), Mariann Krizsan (for perpetual awesomeness.), Cordelia Krizsan-Vogel (Cordelia Vogel and), Miranda Vogel (for providing motivation when needed.), Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, The New Pornographers, King Crimson, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Kathryn Calder (and many others, for programming background noise. Kathryn Calder is pretty obscure, but she got me through a lot of this.), Coffee. No explanation necessary., The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, for being, as much as possible, my only source of news., Steam and the Humble Bundle - For giving me the economic freedom needed to get through the mess.

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (129636)