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Avadon: The Black Fortress Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen and main menu. Something new for the Avadon series is the inclusion of achievements (see Medals).
At the start you have 4 character types to choose from; and 4 levels of difficulty.
Occasionally cut-scenes like this will appear to unfold the story.
One thing that is quite different with Avadon is the high quality of the cut-scene art.
More typically the game's story will unfold through dialogue trees like this one. Plenty of reading in Avadon.
Being sent down into the dungeon for a first mission; choose 1 of 2 characters to assist.
Shown here is the battlefield overlaying the map you are exploring. Green for your allies, red for your enemies.
New quest notification. Notice also that I reversed the positions of the mini-map and character roster.
Here you manage your inventory, weapons, armor and quick use items.
In this window see your character statistics and manage skill points when awarded.
Elaborate lore background is presented in the Codex section of your journal. Reading books found on pedestals adds new journal entries as the game progresses.
Pressing Tab brings up the map of the current area, with locations of current quest objectives marked on it.
Buying and selling equipment is a pretty standard and intuitive procedure in Avadon.
The map of the continent of Lynaeus is displayed on the loading screen, along with a random playing tip.
Only the weight of equipped items affects character encumbrance. The carrying capacity for items in the inventory is only limited by the number of free inventory slots.
Eventually, secondary characters of all four classes will become available for inclusion in the party when going on quests.
Adventuring in the desert.
The interior of a desert dwelling.
The travel map displays all discovered regions where the player's party can go.