Azada Credits (Windows)

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Azada Credits

Big Fish Games Inc.

DesignEmmanuel Marty
DesignJerome Grandsire
ProgrammingEmmanuel Marty
GraphicsJerome Grandsire
Music and SFXSonatone Productions
ProducerPatrick Wylie
Additional DesignJohn Cutter, Paul Thelen, Patrick Wylie, Eric Hull
StoryCaroline Wylie, John Cutter
TechnologyPTK Engine, Basilisk Renderer, Antigrain, J2K Codec
Focus GroupColin Kastner, Melissa DiGioia
Quality AssuranceKarl LeDoux, Brander Roullett, Randy Ochs, Jeremy Caldwell, Michael Sunwoo, Chris Wright, Brishan Merrill-Brown
TestersJennette, Sandra, Aurelie, Jean‑Louis, Rochelle, Pierre, Nathalie, Melanie, Celso, Pavel
Special ThanksEmmanuel Icart, Bill Meyer, Nathaniel Webb

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1830) and formercontrib (159487)