Azada Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Waking up...Where am I?
A note from beyond.
The room where it all takes place.
Search this room for the items on the note.
Items are usually hidden in logical places or will need you to take some logical steps. This is not a hidden object type picture puzzle.
Found a page!
Puzzle end statistics.
Use this purple orb to skip a puzzle.
Slide the segments to make a picture.
This puzzle is like mastermind requiring you to find the sequence and colours required.
Stream was needed to discover the numbers. The puzzle solutions almost always make sense and are not far-fetched.
Match the butterflies sounds really easy.
This simon-like melody sequence memory game can be quite hard unless you use a notepad like I did.
Slide the wooden bars to slide out the one facing the opening.
Simple memory picture match game.
A final jigsaw puzzle stand between you and the next page of Azada.
A new page appears and note the segment of painting.
Establishing shots are in place for almost every puzzle.
This puzzle requires you to match three of the same.
Complete the image by placing the pieces in the right place.
Rotate the pieces of wood to fill in the image underneath.
Find three of a kind, but can be sequential. Three red ones, three of the same numbers etc.
Where am I gonna find the combo?
Lay down the slabs to match the picture.
I hate towers of Hanoi.
Jump over and check the marbles until only four are left.
Guiding the robot out of the maze by placing arrows in front of it.
A maze.
At first you just take turns placing sticks.
It gets tough as you run out of safe lines to make and will have to make some sacrifices.
Figure out the sequence. This is one of the easiest games and hence-kinda boring.
I also hate the matchstick game.
Connect the pipe but leave no pipe segment disconnected.
Simple math game.
Guiding the metal ball to the exit.
Rotate the rumbers to place them in the right squares.
Both Azada and Azada Ancient Magic play through the Big Fish Game browser