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Aztez Credits (40 people)

Team Colorblind

ArtBen Ruiz
CombatBen Ruiz
MarketingBen Ruiz
CodeMatthew Wegner
EmpireMatthew Wegner
BusinessMatthew Wegner

Additional Contributors

Character Models / TexturesAndrew Parker Murphy
MusicHG Templeton
Combat HUDJorge Garcia
Music Lorn
Blood RenderingYilmaz Kiymaz
Asset ImporterAdam Mechtley

Very Special Thanks

Very Special ThanksRon Carmel, Aaron Isaksen, John Bizzarro, Colin Northway, Sarah Northway, Shane Wegner, Jason Casillas, Sylvia Win, John Graham, Jeffrey Rosen, Tommy Refenes, Mike Cobb, James Montemagno, Tim Cooper, Eric Williams, Derek Daniels, Saurian Dash, André León, Ty Dunitz, Paula Andrade, Jack Doumanian, Seth Killian, Nathan Vella, Nathan Gary, Adam Saltsman, Kyle Pulver, Tim James, Reuben Bruhn-Strain, Alberto Ronchi, Mike Kob, And all of our testers, friends, families, and girlfriends who put up with us., Thank you so much.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (612255)