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Babes in Toyland Credits

MGM Interactive

Director of ProductionFred Skoler
Production AssistantsZach Wood, Douglass McDermott
Manager, Quality AssuranceRawson Law Stovall
QA Project LeadChris Strompolos
TestersMark Harwood, Dalan Musson
Manual WritersChris Strompolos, Rawson Law Stovall
MGM Special ThanksMGM Animation, Sandra Brown, Linda Bernett, Marti Skoler

Conexus, Inc.

ProducersVinod Lobo, Brian Devine
ProgrammingTim Roach
Lead ArtistRay Blavatt
ArtistsMarjorie Taylor, Brian McMurdo, Carisa Cannan, Beth Shipper
Storyboards and AnimationTony Benedict, Dick Bunnell
VoicesAshley Linton, Bix Bettwy, Lani Minella, Fred Skoler, Jim Vollman, Rick Calvert
Audio EditingJ. J. McLeod
Sound EffectsJamey Scott
Conexus Special ThanksJohn Banks, Sheryin Lobo, Trisha Seeger

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Credits for this game were contributed by Multimedia Mike (19999)