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Babes in Toyland Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Name entry and player selection
Intro-- the bag of toys is ready to be delivered
Barnaby and his cat swipe the bag of toys
Jack and Jill are off the recover the toys-- this is the master map
Recovering the toy from the old lady in the shoe
Help the old lady find her kids
Clumsy Jack and Jill fall out the window but recover the toy anyway
Balloon memory-- uncover matching balloons
Properly match passenger pairs on the train
Use the bucket to save the ducks from the well, but not the fish
After bucketing the ducks to safety, recover the toy boat
Humpty Dumpty is sitting on his wall, gearing up for the inevitable fall
Put Humpty back together again
Watch out for the villain's cat who will show up to try to scramble the egg again
Goblins are descending at an alarming rate
Use your flashlight to ward off the goblins
March the toy soldiers to build a sturdy column in order to reach the toy on top of the clock tower
If you don't stack the soldiers correctly, they will fall
A successful soldier stack recovers the toy
Outside the toy factory
Repeat the music sequence
Inside the toy factory-- a bonus activity of manufacturing toys
Scaling Barnaby's lair
Be careful not to fall off the house
Playing a shell game with Barnaby the villain
Santa arrives and the toy shipment had better be ready
Certificate of completion
The famous MGM/UA logo, with lion cubs for the family entertainment portion