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Back to Earth 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu appears after the logos of the publisher & developer
The game configuration screen showing the three difficulty levels and three controller types.
Before the game starts the backstory is displayed.
The game commences. The only weapon the player has at this point is the mini-gun, as shown by the icon on the left of the screen
There's a yellow power-up that triggers an explosion around the space ship which destroys all asteroids or alien craft that are nearby.
The first boss
If at first you don't succeed... Here the player's ship has been destroyed by the first boss but they are given a second chance.
The player's second chance didn't work out. Game Over
The first level is mainly asteroids. This is a later level where the player has acquired the plasma gun and faces waves of aliens. There's a health bonus icon just below the large explosion.
This shows two plasma gun power-ups which will give more ammunition and over on the left is a shield power up
Destroying a lot of enemy ships and/or asteroids triggers the RAGE bonus which can be a truly beautiful thing to behold
The game's second boss. Missiles were introduced in this level and the icons on the left show that the player has acquired these
The Vortex level is the first time the player is up against alien ships armed with lasers
The Vortex level boss. This launches smaller ships as well as firing laser beams
Asteroids with gun emplacements on them are to be feared because they track the player's ship.
There are times when the screen can become a little bit crowded.
The games fourth boss ship. I really do not want to be in front of that laser beam.
All bosses leave power-ups behind. The last boss left behind a mega health power up and a mega shield recharge
All levels start with a description of the location
The 'Base 016' level boss
The penultimate level. Earth is now in sight and a major boss is approaching
This boss launches homing mines which are a real threat
The final level is just called 'Earth'. The end of level boss has tracking lasers, missiles, and every weapon in the game. Plus it launches ships with tracking lasers
Game Over! The player has successfully completed the game. It was on the easiest setting but who cares.
The game's high score table
If the player chooses the 'Continue Game' option from the main menu they can restart their last game at any level.
The game is available from Alawar. This is the initial screen displayed by their downloaded shareware 'try before you buy' version.