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Back to Earth Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

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Main Menu
Your quest begins.
Shield power-up
Enemies growing in numbers
Use the slow-motion bullet time to out-speed the aliens!
First boss!
First major weapon power-up, Plasma gun.
New type of enemy ships attacking you.
Destroy enough enemy ships within a short amount of time, to get the RAGE mode!
Rage combined with slow-motion!
Can't dodge tank fire.
New big life power-up
Second boss!
New weapon - Missiles!
Mines are a real menace because they home in on the player's ship
The third boss
The fourth boss occurs at around level seventeen. The blue bar above it shows it's 'health'
The final boss.
Game Over. The player's score is not saved.
The game configuration options allow a choice of controller and difficulty level
In the top right of the game screen it says 'Press H for help'. This is what the player sees if they do that.