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atari breakout

Backyard Baseball Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Don't you love shameless plugs to fictional leagues?
The main menu
Picking fields. Why don't we go with Eckman Acres?
Choosing a team. You can pick your mascot and an adjective, and choose what color you want your team to be. Since the Humongous Melonheads are the default, let's go with them.
Pick your players. Annoyingly, this was when they made it "realistic" by not having every player on the bleachers available during a single game.
My team dugout of champions. They can't be beat...maybe.
Just in case you forgot who was playing today's game. You can also swap who is the home and away team.
The batting perspective.
You know you're doing well when you get a home run on the first inning.
The pitching perspective.
Dang...just BARELY missed that pop fly!
But we can make up for it by getting the next batter out anyway.
Yeah Angela, smack that ball!
Every time you strike somebody out, you get a powerup. And the mother of them all...the fireball! In all seriousness, if you have actually hit a fireball before, you deserve a medal.
Meet the players.