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Bait Credits

12 people (5 developers, 7 thanks)


ProgrammingChrister Andersson
ArtChrister Andersson
DesignChrister Andersson, Markus Höglund
Sound EffectsMarkus Höglund
MusicMarkus Höglund, Jens Olsson, Per-Olov Stjärnered
Level DesignChrister Andersson, Markus Höglund, Magnus Magnusson
Box and jewel case designJens Olsson
Thanks toMark Feldman, André LaMothe, Jeff Lander
Greetings toJohannes Edholm, Patrik Tallgren, Bujinkan Dojo Östersund, Xtreme Games Bulletin Board

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (30916)