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Baldr Sky Dive1: Lost Memory Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main in-game menu
"Downloading" equipment
Kou and a giant mech
Robotic conversation
Practice mode
Going on a date
Memories from Kou's past surface
Post-apocalyptic ruins
Heated indoor battle
Post-battle screen
Whoa, careful there!..
There are many characters in the game - most of them female
This scene looks pretty Matrix-like, don't you think? Deceptively calm fake reality and all...
Bustling city center
Not too heavy?,,
Dig the fashion style
Some of the scenes are rather comical
Colorful environments abound
Choices, choices...
Ranged rocket attack. High-tech battle
Melee slash against a regular bot
Stylish city area
Family life is all I want
Err... just look, ok?
Cornered. Preparing to launch a special attack
Sex and poetry
Outdoor battle
CG mode
Group sex scene
Dialogue during a battle
Retro clothes
Explosions galore
Nice reflections!..
Circular attack
Decisive battle later in the game
The "Dive" sequence is again very much like Matrix
Weapon info
Mecha info