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Baldrhead: Busō Kinyū Gaiden Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The animated intro begins with the title
It was night, and our lonely GIGAS started its adventure... one of the game's very few video sequences
The game is divided into episodes, each dedicated to a different girl
The game starts with a bang! Literally!.. This is our hero-lover with the most unfitting name Baldy, and one of his (very many) love interests, Nina
Let's start! Getting rid of the weak enemy in the wastelands
Dungeon exploration. Battle inside. using close-range weapon
We meet May for the first time
GIGAS factory in the city
City map - for the game's only boring part, the visual novel one. Then again, it provides nice relaxation after the battles
Central tower and surrounding park
Comical cutscene
Fighting on city streets
Beautiful scene with GIGAS
The bad girls, as usually, combine gothic sex-appeal with remotely religious themes...
...and some sexual deviations
An episode is completed!
Baldy decides to relax in the nightclub...
...and relax he does! Those ladies provide some... err... interesting experiences
Choose an area to travel to
A comical group of villains
Just enjoying the view here...
Oh no, game over!..
After having defeated these two bosses, you, naturally, have sex with them... and it's your choice if it's going to be one-on-one or threesome
Here you can customize your GIGAS
Exploring the harbor district
Battle in a warehouse
A romantic scene?..
Crossing a bridge over a chasm
Explosions galore!
Lesbian sex is available, too
Every self-respecting hentai game should have a CG mode!