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Ballance Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Get ready to roll!
The main menu
You start level 2 with a wooden ball
Pushing through a bunch of paper balls to get past
These powerups give you more time (time remaining is a bonus at the end)
You will find checkpoints like this throughout each level in case you happen to fall
Ball transformers change your ball to one of the three types (wood, rock, or paper)
A paper ball + a fan = FUN!
I'm flying!!!!
Ramps come in a variety of shapes
Hills... don't stop or you can't get up the next one with that stone ball
Better be careful... there are many places to fall here
Finishing a level gets you a ride on this
Getting rid of obstacles
Pushing another ball
Some bridges doesn't hold stone ball
This is easier with wooden ball
Time bonuses are chasing, let them catch you before checkpoint
Tutorial level