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Ballistics Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Cooler path
Inner curve
Mach 1.2
Other speeders
Red cross obstacle
Speed path
Wall obstacle
Skytown intro flyby
The racers line-up
Skytown track - Where's the 'Robot Arms Apartments' sign?
Going into a building.
Ice power up to cool your engines instantly
1st place - on rookie
Race results - check out the top speed
Novosibirsk track intro flyby
Novosibirsk track underwater
Super Booster power up
Sometimes you get a glimpse of the outside
Zensoku track intro flyby
Before the race the camera does a flyby of all the racers
The half moon in the center circles tell you where you should be on the track.
Flip Score power up - extra cash
If your lucky you might get to see a billboard or two.
Check out the full moon through the window.
Belize Brilliance track intro flyby