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Balloon Kaboom Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The initial game screen
The game supports multiple player identities, these are the names used when scores are uploaded, it does not support multiple players
This is how the game is played
This screen is used to create and to confirm a players identity. Once created the identity is available to all games accessed via eBrainyGames' Super Menu
The initial game screen
groups of balloons of the same colour will burst when clicked scoring points.
Starred balloons double the points scored when the group they are in bursts
Being balloons they rise upwards when balloons above them burst
Here on the left a group of balloons containing a star balloon has burst
The cloud on the left is a countdown timer
Game Over!
The high score table
When the game was released scores could be uploaded to an on-line Hall of Fame. Sadly this website is no longer active