Bandits: Phoenix Rising Credits (Windows)

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Bandits: Phoenix Rising Credits


DirectorBo Andersson Klint
Game DesignUlf Andersson
ProducerMartin Waern
Lead ArtistAnders Bodbacka
Senior ProgrammersMarcus Vesterlund, Joacim Jacobsson
AnimationsRobert Pettersson
MusicSimon Viklund
2D ArtAlexander Lindén, Peter Johansson, Ulf Andersson
3D ArtAnders Bodbacka, Martin Waern, Robert Pettersson, Ulf Andersson, Peter Johansson, Alexander Lindén
Sound EffectsSimon Viklund
Additional GraphicsJan Rigerl, Kenneth Johansson, Mattias Högvall, Peter Edmark
Additional Guitars & BassHenrik Anréus
Additional ProgrammingNils Jonas Norberg, Rikard Wigfors, Tobias Barendt
Rigid Body SystemEugene Laptev (Oxforddynamics)
Voice TalentAlan Manson, Indy Neidell, Melissa Williams, Monte Reid, Roger Brett, Tim Earle
Special Voice TalentJim Losi, Heather Losi


Product ManagerPer Strömbäck
Export ManagerKarin Björkin
ProducerFilip Carvell
LocalisationLisa Rönnbäck
Box & Manual Layout, ProductionCamilla Åström
Thanks toKristian Nilsen, Jason Christie

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