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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.1
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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High detail and crisp graphics, heavy metal music, main characters that will leave you laughing and a desire to blow up anything that moves... that is Bandits: Phoenix Rising in a nut shell. [..] Unfortunately, there is not a reward system in Bandits that will make you want to re-do missions to get past them in shorter time or with less damage. It is pretty much, finish a level and forget it. So because of this, there is not a lot of replay value, but it is still a fun game to go through and kick ass.
Game Chronicles (Apr 29, 2003)
With great graphics, excellent sound effects and some of the most fun and hilarious characters I’ve seen in any recent PC game, Bandits: Phoenix Rising is one of the best car combat games you can get for your PC. You may have to look around to find this game in stores but I promise you it will be worth the effort. Whether you are looking for a great single player experience or the next big online action-combat title, Bandits is the game for you.
PC Zone Benelux (Dec, 2002)
Kortom, wat is Bandits: Phoenix Rising? Antwoord: een potige, supersnelle action-shooter annex racer met perfect gekozen muziek, die werkelijk uit je speakers buldert. Het is woest terrein met brute bolides en zwaar geschut. Bandits is eigenlijk gewoon Rock & Roll.
GameZone (Apr 29, 2003)
I really liked this game with its new twist on the combat vehicle genre. Multiple tasking with multiple weapons makes for a wild ride, and I like that, boy does it get hot and heavy at times. Game has good replay value and great potential for online play!
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 22, 2003)
In the end, Bandits is a fun and rewarding game that sadly no one plays online, because no one bought the game. It was a surprisingly fun title considering the cost, and I think its one shooters and racing fans are sure to enjoy.
GameSpy (Apr 12, 2003)
Bandits: Phoenix Uprising was surprisingly fun to play. I had never heard of it when it showed up, but it was a welcome surprise, despite the bouts of frustration I had with the difficulty, and the lack of multiplayer games to connect to. Regardless, Bandits plays well, looks extremely good, and has enough single-player action to carry itself.
ActionTrip (Oct 08, 2002)
Finally, we are well aware that this game has a very simple story, but thanks to the crazy action, a competent AI and great graphics and music, it managed to create an interesting and involving atmosphere which will make you eagerly anticipate what comes next. Fans of vehicular shooters will just love it!
Although most aspects of Bandits have been done before on the personal computer, the manner in which they're combined here creates a truly fresh and fun experience. While the plot is nothing to write home about, the furious combat action - which is far more mobile than in most action shooters - is utterly addictive. The driving ends up being more enjoyable than in most conventional racing titles, and the graphics and audio are superior. The interesting characters and solid artificial intelligence are unexpected bonuses. Bandits has pleasantly surprised me, and has frankly stolen both my heart and my free time since I began playing.
Gameguru Mania (Dec 02, 2002)
Bandits: Phoenix Rising is vehicle combat game set in a post apocalyptic world resembling the world of "Mad Max" movies. The game has been developed by Swedish developer GRIN, the same team who made Ballistic, the last year's high speed futuristic arcade-style racer. In the game, you can assume the role of Fennec and Rewdalf, the notorious leaders of the Wolfpack gang, who just want to get as much loot as possible and fully enjoy life. Fennec is the hard neck driver and thinker in the team and Rewdalf is the gunner. Rewdalf character is best described as a trigger happy Scottish midget with a foul mouth :)
Gaming Age (Apr 15, 2003)
If you're tired of the same old FPS or RTS games on the market, Bandits finally gives you a bit of variety you've not felt sense the Decent or Forsaken series. Fans of shooters and/or vehicular combat should give this a spin.
GamingExcellence (May 06, 2003)
If you enjoyed Interstate 76 or simply like to blow a lot of crap up, then Bandits: Phoenix Rising is right up your alley. Although some of the missions become very repetitive, GRIN's latest shooter is likely not to leave you feeling disappointed.
PC Gamer (Apr, 2003)
Overall, Bandits is a worthy purchase that offers 20 or so high-octane missions. Don't be ashamed if you find yourself gleefully yelling along with dialogue like "Eat crap, flamming craphead!"
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 01, 2003)
It’s time to turn off your brain and blow up just about anything that moves, folks. Bandits: Pheonix Rising is a fun, cut to the chase sort of vehicular blast-a-thon. It doesn’t try to be anything fancy, just a very functional foray into frenetic high-flying firefights. It doesn’t by any means go above and beyond what gamers have come to expect from an action game, but nor does it disappoint. It’s the ham sandwich of shooter games. It won’t knock you on your ass with an explosion of flavor, nor will it bore you to tears with plainness, but mmmmmm when the ham combines with the mustard, boy is it tasty.
Since the game is fun, I’m willing to overlook the story elements that Bandits “borrows.” I can also forgive the fact that at times it’s just too damn hard, even at the lowest difficulty level. For $20. though, you get a lot of bang for your buck.
GameSpot (Apr 14, 2003)
Bandits has good enough graphics, good enough sound, good enough mission design, and good enough action. So, those looking for action reminiscent of The Road Warrior should give the game a look, but they shouldn't set their sights too high.
The game's arcade-like action can be fun at times, but its difficulty level and lack of mid-mission saves will quickly make it too frustrating for many players.
Daily Game (Apr 17, 2003)
Bandits: Phoenix Rising is a middle-of-the-road title, that is, it’s not great, but it’s not a total stinker either. If you’re looking for a fast-paced shoot ‘em up done with cars, you can’t go wrong here. Anyone looking for deep gameplay, however, would be better off looking elsewhere. Although its story is a blatant rip-off of Mad Max, and the gameplay is essentially based on driving the Warthog from Halo around a desert wasteland, it is still a pretty enjoyable diversion for several hours.
Game Captain (Jun 20, 2004)
Durchaus flotter „Shooter auf vier Rädern“, allerdings viel zu eintönig und ohne echte Langzeitmotivation.
PC Games (Germany) (May 19, 2003)
Weniger ist manchmal mehr. Vor allem ein Verzicht auf die Sprachausgabe hätte aus Bandits: Phoenix Rising ein höchst attraktives Programm gemacht, so aber nerven die Protagonisten zu jeder unpassenden Gelegenheit mit dümmlichen, unmotiviert vorgetragenen Funksprüchen. Ansonsten erfreut des Spiel mit seiner Schlichtheit. Gegner aus der Deckung locken, nach Herzenslust ballern und gelegentlich eine Munitionskiste aufheben ist alles, was ein anspruchsloser Shooter-Fan braucht. Wer aber taktische Elemente sucht, abwechslungsreiche Missionen oder auch nur eine zeitgemäße Grafik, der sollte die Finger von Bandit lassen. Und sogar die auf den zweiten Blick geniale Steuerung hat ihre Schattenseiten: Die automatische Ausrichtung auf das Fadenkreuz macht die Tatsache, dass man sich in einem Buggy befindet, völlig bedeutungslos.
61 (Jul 14, 2004)
Bandits: Phoenix Rising hätte vor zwei Jahren wesentlich besser abschneiden können, wie auch unser Test der englischen Version vor einem Jahr zeigte (4P-Wertung 04/2003 – 71%). Heutzutage stößt vor allem die streckenweise überholte Technik negativ auf. Aber trotz der altbackenen Optik machen die extrem einfachen Action-Gefechte kurzfristig Spaß. Für Langzeitmotivation ist allerdings nicht gesorgt, da die Missionspalette nahezu keine Abwechslung bietet und der Multiplayer-Modus mit einem schlichten Deathmatch viel zu mager ausgefallen ist. Wenn ihr also ein spaßiges Fahrzeug-Actionspiel für kurze Partien zwischendurch sucht, dann liegt ihr mit diesem Spiel richtig. Dennoch solltet ihr, vor allem aufgrund der überholten Grafik, einen Blick in die Demo werfen.
Nerikes Allehanda (Oct 05, 2002)
Den stora behållningen ligger i de humoristiska huvudpersonernas prat genom hela spelet. De har gott om bitska kommentarer som de vräker ur sig i tid och otid. Tyvärr får man ofta en känsla av totalt kaos eftersom allt går så snabbt och detta drar ner helhetsintrycket. Det är dock ett gediget spel som visar att svenska speltillverkare mer än väl kan hävda sig på en tuff spelmarknad.
Frictionless Insight (Apr 25, 2003)
It's really sad that there are so many fundamental problems with Bandits, because this is a game that anyone who has watched Mad Max desperately wants to play. It's even brutally close to being good. The first two-thirds of the game are exciting (before the save issue becomes a problem), and it's worth picking up the box to have a bit of fun with a jeep and chain guns, just not at the initial price. Bandits even has a multiplayer function, although it seems impossible to find anyone online. Once the game hits the bargain bin, it may even be worth picking up more than one copy for some LAN party banditry.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2002)
Die Missionen sind stark geskriptet – immer wieder melden sich andere Figuren zu Wort, es gibt Zwi– schensequenzen und plötzlich auftauchende Gegner. Allerdings müssen Sie in den allzu kargen 3D-Landschaften auch oft überlange Strecken zurücklegen, während denen wenig passiert. Die Steuerung – Lenken und Ballern gleichzeitig – funktioniert nur, wenn Sie geradeaus fahren. Sobald andere Manöver gefragt sind, kommen sich Maus und Tastatur ins Gehege. Grundsätzlich sollte der Nager vor allem dafür zuständig sein, die Gegner anzuvisieren. Die Figuren reden mit einem gut getroffenen Irisch-Techno-Kauderwelsch – allerdings ist das oft schwer verständlich.