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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Credits

81 people (75 developers, 6 thanks)

Vivendi Universal Games

Sr. Producer Dyan Daglas
Assoc. Producer Linda Maier
Global Brand Manager Angelina Coley
VO Casting and Direction Eric Weiss
Engineering Lisle Leete, Peggy Routledge
VO Editing Rich Seitz
TalentAnndi McAfee (Annika™/Rose/Brietta™), Jennifer Hale (Rayla™/the Cloud Queen™/Shiver™), S. Scott Bullock (Wenlock/Ferris/King)
Music By De Wolfe
QA Project LeadsCris Lee, Michael Fahrny
QA TestersBrian J. Carlson, Cassie Townsend, Christian Gomez, Gregory S. Lee, Arklan Uth Oslin, Jin Park, Hector Salavarrieta, John Andrew Queza, John Triplett, Jose Beltran, Joshua Singleton, Kevin Sodini, Paul Bellezza, Adriana Mordente
QA ManagerMichael Caradonna
Senior QA Manager, CRG, VUPCChristopher D. Wilson
Vivendi Universal Product Certification Brandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Fausto Lorenzano, Richard Benavides
Compatibility SupervisorBob Eatmon
Compatibility TechniciansMatthew Jensen, Rob Fleishacker, Earl De Vera, Jesse Vigil
Senior QA Manager-ResourcesMichael Gonzales
QA SupervisorsJames Pasque, Christopher Richardson
Burn Lab ManagerJaime Rios
Burn Lab Technician Level 1Afolabi Akibola, Jason Perry
Burn Lab Technician Level 2Edward Campos, Danny Koo, Chris Miller, Ken Sato
QA IT SupervisorEric Hoffmaster
QA IT TechniciansTerence Stephenson, Stephen Yang
QA DirectorJames Galloway
VP of Studio OperationsRich Robinson
VUG QA Special ThanksAnna Nakada
Manual Heather Haggenmiller
Vivendi Special ThanksEd Zobrist, Gretchen Clark

Mattel Interactive Games

Senior ManagerPatricia C. Masai
Associate ProducerJonathan Bradbury
Mattel Special ThanksShelley Tabbut, Genevieve Leone, Alison Carroll

Blue Monkey Studios

DevelopersSimon Bradley, Peter Cruickshank, Philip Gray, Adam Hooley, Liz Hooley, Mark Hooley, Martin Hooley, Stephen James, Ray Kelly, Michael J. Lister, John Matley, Bruce Moffett, Steve Nicholson, Alex Richards, Adam Robson, Kevin Saville, Lee Walsh, Scott Walsh, Ben Wilson

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11377)