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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen gives it away - this will be a pink and pretty game
Annika can feed and groom the Pegasus in her quarters
Practicing jumps on the palace training course
Annika, Shiver, and Brietta are off to find pieces for the wand of light
Shiver always seems to know the way, and Annika chases after her with a lantern
Pausing to admire the mountainous view and a strange little mill
Click on the matching tiles to open this door
Annika is promised an ancient treasure map if she can maneuver it through all these objects to the red X
Annika must stand on a tile with the same pattern as Shiver's to pass through here
Complete the jigsaw puzzle to ascend the giant's stairs
Annika must travel the table to the box of cereal at the other end, without waking the giant
Is this how it feels to be a mouse?
Traveling through ice caves in search of an ice jewel
This must be the right place!
Annika prepares to capture the sunlight in the newly made wand
The evil Wizard Wenlock sends gryphons and whirlwinds against Annika
Ice skating!
A tile-matching puzzle
Following Shiver through caves to Wenlock's lair
The door to Wenlock's place is a jigsaw puzzle
Wenlock himself, looking...threatening.
Annika stands in a shaft of sunlight to use the power stored in her wand
The player can use the map to return to mini-games