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Barista Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting out
Picking up the helmet
Something isn't right here
In the bathroom
Found a gun
Attacking the first enemy
Terminals can be found all around the station
Using the terminal
These people are about to be slaughtered by the cacodemon
Coffee is used as health packs
I need to use the dropship but first it needs to be refuelled
The AI gives instructions through the terminals
Shooting with dual pistols
I have to turn on the fusion core
More humans running from their inevitable death
Face to face with a cacodemon - all I can do is run from it
Got a shotgun
Need a gas mask to enter next room
Scary monster! Or?
I can't shoot when the gas is turned on
But once it's turned off, I can finish the monsters off.
Getting access to the dropship