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Barney Under the Sea Credits (Windows)

Barney Under the Sea Windows The game's title screen


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Barney Under the Sea Credits

Credits for 7th Level: The following 7th Level team members participated in making the <i>Barney Under the Sea</i> CD-ROM title.

ProductionJeffrey Steefel (Executive Producer), David Chandler (Associate Producer), Susan Deming (Co-Producer)
EngineeringJeff English (Lead Software Architect), Kenneth J. Capps (Senior Software Engineer), Jay DeShan (Software Engineer), Paul Downing (Software Engineer), Joe Hillman (Software Engineer), Marvin D. McFadin (Software Engineer), Jason T. Miller (Software Engineer), Michael Montague (Software Engineer), Syed Rehman (credited as Syed M. Rehman: Software Engineer), Mike Straub (Software Engineer), Michael Watson (Software Engineer)
AnimationDan Kuenster (VP of Animation), Edwin R. Alcala (credited as Edwin 'Wincat' Alcala: Animator), April Garcia-Koteh (Animator), Maureen D. Mascarina (Animator), Terence Castelo (Animator), Alexis Que (Animator), Enrico Santana (Animator), Eric Bryan (Animator), Seth Reek (Animator), Jose Silverio (Animator), Oscar Dizon (Animator), Jesus Espanola (Animator), Arthur Valencia (credited as Arthur 'Atoy' Valencia: Animator), Anthony Agrusa (credited as Anthony 'Ynot' Agrusa: Animator), Arnold Valencia (credited as Arnold 'Ching' Valencia: Animator), Armand Serrano (Layout Artist), Dan Kuenster (VP of Animation), Roland Mechael Ilagan (Layout Artist), Peter Anderson (Supv. Head of Assistant Animation),  Uni-Art Studios [Key Assistant Animators], Anthony L. Koteh (Credited as Anthony Koteh: Key Assistant Animators), Lalaine Abrantes (Key Assistant Animators), Sally-Anne King (Animation Check), Wendy Jacobsmeyer (Animation Check), Michelle Italiano (Animation Coordinator), Lyn Gardner (Animation Coordinator)
Scene PlanningSean Dempsey (Scene Planning Supervisor), Ester Gevorkian (Scene Planning Coordinator), Bill Luttrell (Scene Planner), Tim Rummel (Scene Planner), Salvador Siangio (Scene Planner), Eric Bryan (Additional Scene Planner), Terence Castelo (Additional Scene Planner), Sno Ford (Additional Scene Planner), Harry Gold (Additional Scene Planner), Stewart Hoffman (Additional Scene Planner), April Garcia-Koteh (Additional Scene Planner), Maureen D. Mascarina (Additional Scene Planner), Jonathan Pekar (Additional Scene Planner), Seth Reek (Additional Scene Planner), Jose Silverio (Additional Scene Planner), Steve Stewart (Additional Scene Planner), Paul G. Tighe (Additional Scene Planner)
Validation DepartmentHasmik Byurat (Technical Validation Supervisor), Karine Chagatsbanyan (Assistant Production Engineer)
Image ProcessingKenneth T. Roy (Technical Director), Aaron Fujii (Assistant Technical Director), Sno Ford (Lead Color Model Technical Director), Alan Botvinick (Lead Production Coordinator), Jonathan Pekar (Production Coordinator), Stewart Hoffman (Compositing), Eric Schneider (Compositing), Andy Silvestri (Compositing), Brent Fujii (Image Acquisition Supervisor), Mark Greenhalgh (Color Key), Tina Lerno (Color Key), Steve Stewart (Paint Check), Wendy Jacobsmeyer (Paint), Judy Manning (Paint)
AudioPaul Ray (Audio Producer), Linda Radulich (Lead Audio Engineer),  Digital Sound by EFX Systems[Burbank. California], Ann Scibelli (credited as Ann Scibelli M.P.S.E.: Supervising Sound Designer), Ricardo Broadus (Supervising Sound Designer), Thomas Chesney (Audio Engineer), Kurt Heiden (Audio Engineer), Patrick McNulty (Audio Engineer), Debbie Fiorella (Audio Coordinator)
WritersDavid Lewman, Michelle Smart
Voice TalentJulie Johnson (Baby Bop; Hootin' Annie), Bob West (Barney), Patty Wirtz (BJ), Steve Franken (Tinkerputt), Grey DeLisle (Trisha Treasure Chest)
Talent RepresentationSandy Schnarr Talent
CastingMichelle Smart
Educational AdvisorsSusan Hansen, Staci Kalmbacher, Gayle Moran

Credits for The Lyons Group: The following members of The Lyons Group participated in making the <i>Barney Under the Sea</i> CD-ROM title

Executive ProducersSheryl Leach, Dennis DeShazer
Educational ContentMary Ann Dudko (Ph.D.)
Research AssistantJoy Starr
Art DirectorTricia Legault
Senior IllustratorDarren Mckee
Executive in ChargeRichard C. Leach
Barney and The Backyard Gang and Barney & Friends were originally developed bySheryl Leach, Kathy Parker, Dennis DeShazer
Original Barney, Baby Bop and BJ costumes byIrene Corey Design Associates
"I Love You" lyrics byLee Bernstein (BMI)
Melody traditional © Shimbarah Music[BMI]

Credits for The Lyons Group: Film Segments

DirectorsBruce Deck, Jim Rowley
WritersMark S. Bernthal, Mitch Lobrovich, Rebecca Self Snider, Stephen White
Educational SpecialistsMary Ann Dudko (Ph.D.), Margie Larsen (M.Ed)
Musical DirectorsBob Singleton, Joe Phillips
Lyricist/ComposersStephen Bates Baltes, Lory Lazarus, Phil Parker, Joe Phillips, Bob Singleton, Stephen White
Production DesignerJess Nelson
Production SupervisorJeff Gittle
Associate DirectorsEric Norberg, Heather Smith
Performance DirectorPenny Wilson
Production Office ManagerSue Shinn
Assistant to Performance DirectorHawana Huwuni
Audio DirectorDavid M. Boothe
EditorMcKee Smith
Lighting DirectorBruce Deck
Technical Operations SupervisorRandy Breedlove
Wardrobe SupervisorLisa Albertson
Makeup ArtistJeanie L. D'Iorio
Hair StylistDebra Haefling
Wardrobe AssistantsVicky Hoover, Georgia F. Wagenhurst
Barney WardrobeSusie Thennes
Production Art DirectorElizabeth Sagan Velten
Set and Prop ConstructionCharles Bailey
Lead Art DirectorRay Henry
Art CoordinatorAmy Atherton
Sewing and FabricationCarol Davis
Casting DirectorShirley Abrams
Production CoordinatorJulie Hutchings
Script SupervisorCatherine A. Reynolds
Assistant Production SupervisorCharlotte Spivey
Assistant Production CoordinatorKelly Maher
Video Graphic DesignsEd Leach, Pin-Yi Wu
Furniture and Furnishings fromChildcraft Educational Corporation
Vocal performances enhanced with help fromSingleton Productions Inc.

Credits for The Lyons Group: Cast

Barney's Body CostumeDavid Joyner
Voice of BarneyBob West
Baby Bop's Body CostumeJeff Ayres
Voice of Baby BopJulie Johnson
BJ's Body CostumeJeff Brooks
Voice of BJPatty Wirtz
Shawn John David Bennett II
DerekRickey Carter
ToshaHope Cervantes
JasonKurt Dykhuizen
KathyLauren King
JuanMichael Krost
CarlosCorey Lopez
MinPia Manalo
KennethNathan Regan
JulieSusannah Wetzel
TinaJessica Zucha

Credits for Microsoft: The following members of The Lyons Group participated in making the <i>Barney Under the Sea</i> CD-ROM title

Program ManagementJon Rosenberg (Program Manager), Jeff Jani (Development Managers), Alan McRobert (Development Managers)
EngineeringDavid Montague (Software Development Manager), Ken Robertson (Software Development Manager), Damon Danieli (Software Design Engineer), James Galasyn (Software Design Engineer), Tom Getzinger (Software Design Engineer), Alex Nesterenko (credited as Alex Nesterenko: Software Design Engineer), Scott Randell (Software Design Engineer), Colin Stuart (Software Design Engineer), Brian Williams (Software Design Engineer)
Product DesignersSheri Brassell (Product Designer), Erik Strommen (credited as Erik Strommen Ph.D.: Product Designer)
Art DirectorKim Walls
Conceptual DesignTim Wood
Concept Producer/WriterDave Nichols
The Parent's Room: ProducerStacey Miller
The Parent's Room: Lead DesignerVincent Ball
The Parent's Room: Educational Content Kristin Alexander (credited as Kristin Alexander Ph.D.), Karen Bergstrom (credited as Karen Bergstrom Ph.D.), Mary Ann Dudko (credited as Mary Ann Dudko Ph.D.), Jeffrey T. Fouts (credited as Jeffrey T. Fouts EdD), Grant L. Martin (credited as Grant L. Martin Ph.D.), Sharon D. Reeves, Ginger Russel, Jon Rosenberg (credited as Jon Rosenberg Ph.D.), Erik Strommen (credited as Erik Strommen Ph.D.), Sandy Powell Struthers, Karen J. R. Weber
MarketingDon Coyner (Product Manager), Bob McBreen (Product Manager), Bridget Greenberg (Product Planner), Lois Soliman (Product Planner)
Usability EngineersKristin Alexander (credited as Kristin Alexander Ph.D.), Leah Kaufman
TestingRon Patton (Test Manager), Corey Trapp (Test Engineer), Erik Madsen (Test Engineer), Matt Jacks (Test Engineer)

Credits for Sequel Intertainment: The following members of The Lyons Group participated in making the <i>Barney Under the Sea</i> CD-ROM title

Creative DirectorTom Bahler
ActiMates Interactive Audio Producer Traci Young
Songs composed byTom Bahler
ActiMates Interactive Audio EngineersLarry Embry, Mark Stebbeds, Brian Truitt, Jerry Vincent
Motion ProgrammingJoe Geraghty, Charlie Wiel
Producer, Video Segments Don Kobayashi

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