Bastion Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Here's Bastion, the place which our hero tries to build.
This is an overview of the world's map. Completed areas are shown with a red star on them.
Loading screen gives some hints about the game-play or a piece of information about the story.
Items and weapon upgrade materials ( those items that their name starts with something ) are stored in pack.
Bootlickers have a nasty trick, they make you unable to move for a short time. Pretty deadly if you are in middle of a fight.
Some sort of boss fight,
Each weapon has a challenge. First prize of the challenge is always a secret skill for that weapon. This is the challenge for a weapon called Brusher's pike.
A short part which you can't see where the kid and enemies are.
When you get low on health, the game gives a warning about it. Also notice Galleon mortar, a powerful weapon with a great range.
Using the mortar weapon to attack a beast from a distance.
Some areas are small to navigate.
Attacked by many enemies at once.
Short story sequence
Colourful environment
Attacked at night at a campsite.
A big explosion
I've set up two turrets here.
The final weapon to discover in the game.
Here is the Arsenal. A place which you can choose and change your weapon and special skill. Also when you are in the middle of a mission, going into arsenal will fully restore your consumables.
Here is the forge. A place which you can upgrade your weapons with upgrade materials. Weapons with red star on them are fully upgraded.
This is distillery. A place which you can put spirits in unlocked slots and take advantage of their special bonuses.
Lost and found. Basically works as a shop.
Memorial. A place which gives you challenges and when you complete them , you'll get fragments ( currency in Bastion ) as a reward.
Shrine. A place which you can activate idols in it. Activating each idol makes the enemies harder to defeat, but also raises the fragments and XP points you get. It makes the difficulty customizable.