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Batman: Arkham Asylum Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Scene from the integrated Benchmark.
Loading Screen.
I'm sure detective mode would be very useful when playing poker.
Joker is having fun - at least for now.
Got a level up and can unlock a new move.
During the course of the game the player unlocks character bios from almost anyone he meets.
Looking for evidence at a crime scene.
Normally a punch in the face is enough but that guy just wouldn't stop hitting Batman with his pipe...
Joker's way of saying: Don't go that way.
Finally outside!
The area map shows all the important information.
Two goons down - one Bat up.
That's Harley Quinn in detective mode.
Fighting wave after wave of goons on the challenge map "Crime Alley".
Batman likes to punch and throw people.
Arkham Asylum
Fighting against bad guys
Aiming with batarang
Save the hostage
Map screen
Not all enemies are easy
Tracking vapor
Joker's friend
Tracking enemies
Batman attacks silently
Dead end already?
Allmost outside at last
Batman flying
Using evidence scanner
Group of enemies
Talking to doctor
Lower levels are full of gas
Aaron Cash
Present for batman
The batmobile
Is batman too late?
Small insect problem
Batman at morgue
Talking corpse
Strange vortex
Batman in nightmare sequence
Fight in boiler room
Iron bridge
At the batcave
In the sewers
Scene from the past
Fighting against skeletons
Swinging blades